Get Some ‘Old’ Stuff on Your Plate

Thanks to my reporting on this story, I was inspired to cook millet with mushrooms and cauliflower for dinner last night. Last week it was quinoa with black beans. What will I be eating next? There are some clues in my latest piece for National Geographic, Ancient grains and “orphan crops” like fonio and amaranth have advantages for farmers and consumers. Check it out.

1 thought on “Get Some ‘Old’ Stuff on Your Plate

  1. Please keep me updated about your experience with amaranth. I’m working on some stuff about exactly what you mentioned in your latest post for National Geographic – how amaranth benefits farmers, consumers (and much more). I will be happy to share it with you once finished. Here is an infographic we did about amaranth and why i eat amaranth every morning for breakfast

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