A Lot of Hungry People Out There

Something is definitely wrong when one in seven people in the richest country in the world must turn to a feeding program to survive. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening, according to a survey by the nation’s largest network of food banks. Read the details in my latest piece for National Geographic, Study Sheds Light on Broadening U.S. Hunger Problem.

Another Chapter in the Battle to Build a National World War I Memorial

I love history and I love the battles over how we remember and commemorate history — seems I’ve been writing about them from time immemorial (okay, bad pun). Here is my latest, this time from TakePart.com: In a City Full of Historical Landmarks, Activists Push for a WWI Monument

History, With a Dash of Politics — Just Like I Like It

Yes, the name Hillary Clinton is in the lead but you’ll have to read deeper to get the real gist of this, my first story for Smithsonian.com. This was so much fun to research. Check out Why Do Secretaries of State Make Such Terrible Presidential Candidates?