Journalists at Work

Apologies for somehow missing the entire month of May without refreshing this website but, hey, I’ve been a bit busy in another corner of the Internet.

Nearly two months into my job as senior executive producer for digital news for the soon-to-be launched Al Jazeera America, I can report that we are definitely making progress. It’s so exciting to be in a newsroom again — and a television one at that. There are some amazing people coming on board at our cable television channel and the 24/7 digital news operation that I’m proud to be helping to launch.

In case you missed our preview of what to expect from AJAM online, check out the recent post by Tony Karon and me about our digital vision here.


What A Week For News

This was quite the week to begin a new job in the news business but, as they say, timing is everything.

As I write this, the fugitive suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing has just been taken into custody, the search for more victims of the Waco fertilizer plant explosion goes on and the man whose visionary creation for a national general interest newspaper, Al Neuharth, has died.

Although I began my career working for a series of small newspapers in New York, Florida and Illinois, it was USA TODAY — where I worked for nearly 24 years — that made my career. Thanks to the newspaper, I traveled the country and the world covering the biggest news of the day. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.

But the news business, as we know, eventually changed. A few years ago, I left to join the online world with AOL News and then The Huffington Post. And now, in this most momentous week for news, I begin the latest — and arguably the most exciting — phase of my journalism career as senior executive producer for digital news for the new Al Jazeera America.

We are just getting started and won’t launch until later this year. There is much work to do until then but I hope you will follow our progress and check us out when we make our debut.

In the meantime, read the release about myself and my colleague Tony Karon here.