Not an easy obit to write

Getting around a bit late to posting this but, then again, obits never get old, right?

I wrote this one about four years ago and it was a tough one for a former English major. Read about Stephen Hawking’s life work and you’ll see why.

Stephen Hawking, Famed Physicist, Dies at 76

You are what you eat — and you could be eating better

Part two of my report on the National Geographic Greendex environmental survey focuses on food and — surprise, surprise — Americans are lousy eaters when it comes to saving the planet. Check out my story, Global Survey Says We’re Eating Better, But Our Diet Is Still Unsustainable, to see which country has the most green eaters.

Not everyone finds it easy to be green

National Geographic asked me to take their ginormous Greendex environmental survey and boil it down to its essence. So here’s what I came up with: 8 Surprising, Depressing, and Hopeful Findings From Global Survey of Environmental Attitudes. Check it out, and also take the Greendex calculator and the knowledge quiz to see where you stack up.

Old MacDonald is getting older

Those of you who know me know that I love to report in the field. Or, in this case, an orchard. I am so glad that National Geographic sent me  — and one of their amazing photographers — to gorgeous northern lower Michigan to report this story that should be of interest to all who eat food (or at least cherry pie). Check out my latest, American Farmers Are Growing Old, With Spiraling Costs Keeping Out Young.


A Lot of Hungry People Out There

Something is definitely wrong when one in seven people in the richest country in the world must turn to a feeding program to survive. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening, according to a survey by the nation’s largest network of food banks. Read the details in my latest piece for National Geographic, Study Sheds Light on Broadening U.S. Hunger Problem.

Get Some ‘Old’ Stuff on Your Plate

Thanks to my reporting on this story, I was inspired to cook millet with mushrooms and cauliflower for dinner last night. Last week it was quinoa with black beans. What will I be eating next? There are some clues in my latest piece for National Geographic, Ancient grains and “orphan crops” like fonio and amaranth have advantages for farmers and consumers. Check it out.